Listen to the music that will bring back those special memories.  We want you to remember that first kiss, the Prom, the school dances, the drive-in theaters, the malt shop, the fancy cars, the beach and unfortunately those broken hearts!   Yes, all those precious memories that were "yours".

Our music comes from the fifties to the mid sixties.  We play Doo-Wop, along with Rockabilly, Pop, Blues, good ole Rock 'n' Roll and a little country, which we refer to as "POP NOSTALGIC".

We're hoping you will join us and please recommend us to your friends.  We also welcome your suggestions and requests.  Contact us and let us know where you're from and what you would like to hear that we might have missed.  We value your input!!

Our broadcasts are licensed through ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and SoundExchange as required by U.S. copyright law.

About Makeout Memories

It all started in the 7th grade. We remember those “make out” parties that were chaperoned by parents on Saturday nights. The record player would be in a corner and hooked up to speakers and danced all night!

Some one in the group would yell “Hey Jimmy, put on the music”. I would spin the Rays, Platters, Ray Charles, Ed Townsend, Penguins, Spaniels and John Mathis…just to name a few.

Music was a great influence in my decision to attend and eventually graduate from Broadcasting School in San Francisco. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to broadcast for 9 months on KDAC and KMFB, located in the Mendocino/Fort Bragg area of Northern California, where I was able to apply what I learned in broadcasting school and gain valuable experience.

Over the years the majority of my jobs have involved music and broadcasting, in one way or another. I worked for Franklin Mieuli & Associate /SF Warriors as a producer. That job included programing for KNEW & KLOK, which were popular pop radio stations in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. From there, I went to work for KGO 810, the premier San Francisco talk radio station. I had the opportunity to be the producer for some of the most well know radio talk show host on air, including Ronn Owens and Jim Dunbar.

Majority of my career I was the owner of a successful car audio store, where I was surrounded by music daily!

I have always been a collector of vinyl and have always wanted to share with others the music that so impacted my pre-teen through young adult years.  So in 2006, with the help of my good friend Ed Johnson, who was the Chief Engineer at KGO when I worked there, we built and launched my radio station “Make Out Memories “ on Live 365.

“Make Out Memories” is my way of sharing music with a large audience of listeners, with the  hope that playing the songs of doo wop groups, music from the 50’s and 60’s, country and oldies from all genres, it will bring back great memories for my listeners.

Listen to us on iTunes streaming under "Golden Oldies"

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